Welcome to Kona Koa!

Aloha and welcome to Kona Koa. We supply certain Hawaiian grown tropical hardwoods. We mainly supply Koa, but can also supply Monkeypod, Ulu (Breadfruit) and Mango. In addition to our main business which is selling raw and milled, cured wood we also make handmade artisan products of Hawaiian Koa, Ulu, Mango and other exotic woods.

Tropical Hardwoods

  • Koa
  • Ulu
  • Wiliwili
  • Mango
  • Monkeypod

Artisan Products

  • Papa He'e Nalu (Hawaiian Surfboard)
  • Platters
  • Bowls
  • And more...

All replica products are made to original specifications from ancient artifacts found in Bishops Museum. While all of the replicas are beautiful to display, they are also fully functional.

To inquire call: (808) 960-6061